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January/February 2021 -   -  

In this issue:

WES STUDI: One of ‘The Century’s Greatest Actors’: Perhaps best known for his brooding, menacing portrayal of Magua in Last of the Mohicans, Vietnam veteran Wes Studi received VVA’s Excellence in the Arts award at the 2017 Convention in New Orleans. Just recently, he was named one of “The Century’s Greatest Actors” by The New York Times.
Wes Studi: One of ‘The Century’s Greatest Actors’

SNOWBALL EXPRESS: Love in the Time of COVID The organizers of Snowball Express do amazing work bringing joy to the children of troops killed in action by gathering them together in some of the happiest places on earth. But then came the pandemic…

MEN OF GOD: Symbols of Heroism and Sacrifice The Chapel of Four Chaplains’ mission to recognize the unselfish service of others has been financially imperiled lately, but some VVA members and New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker are offering a lifeline.

COMING SOON: ‘Dispatches’ and ‘The Outlet’
Announcing two new livestream series from the staff of The VVA Veteran, tailored especially for VVA members, which are set to premiere online and on social media soon.

Long Overdue Benefits for Palomares Veterans: After USAF personnel were ordered to clean up a 1966 nuclear accident in Spain, DOD and VA refused to acknowledge the serious health effects they suffered. Those veterans have twice had success in court.

Orange County, California, Chapter 1024
Helps the Helper
: A VVA chapter with a long relationship with Patriots & Paws—a nonprofit that provides assistance for returning veterans having financial difficulties—lends its Huey to the cause.

THE LITTLE-KNOWN GOODPASTER REPORT: The ‘Ideal’ Plan to Win the War In the latest installment of our “Fighting Words” series, historian John Prados chronicles the Pentagon’s 1966 blueprint for ramping up U.S. troop levels in South Vietnam.


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The Case for Universal Service


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Basic Training Photo Gallery
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