Basic Training Class Photos
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Company A, 11th Battalion, 3rd Brigade, USATCA
Ft. Knox Basic Combat Training
October 9 to December 4, 1967

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Ft. Knox Basic Combat Training
June 8 to August 10, 1963

“I was assigned to F Co., 15th Ballation, 4th Brigade USATC. (I’m the 4th one from the left on the top row.) I enlisted in the Army when I was 17. Our training Platoon was composed of half enlisted and half drafted men. I went on to serve a tour in Korea and Vietnam. I think about these guys often.” — Vern Nelson 

SQDN 3709 Flight 354
Lackland AFB, Texas
April 1963

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U.S. Army Training Center, Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri
September 19 to November 22, 1966

“The photo is of my Platoon: (3rd) Company B, Second Battalion, Second Brigade ‘Saints.’ After AIT and a short leave I arrived at Tan Son Nhat Airport in Vietnam on January 28, 1967. I was immediately transfered to Bien Hoa and became a solider in the distinguished 1st Infantry Division and transfered to Phuc Vinh. In November I moved on to Quan Loi where I awaited Tet and my wake-up. I know most eveyone in my platoon went to Vietnam, but I've not seen any of them again.”

B - 9 - 3
Ft. Knox Basic Training
October 17 to December 17, 1966

“I enlisted at the age of 18 and was RA (Regular Army). There were only two others in Basic that were RA and a few US (Draftees), all the rest were NGs (National Guard). Most of them were out of shape. The drill instructors knew these guys were most likely not going to Vietnam but did not give them any slack or preferential treatment—even though a few of these guys had fathers who were politicians back home. Becoming the Honor Platoon was quite a surprise.”

Gerald L. Green
First Infantry Division
3rd. Brigade, "D Co. 701st. Mn. Bn.
Signal Section Chief
Quan-Loi & Lai-Khe
RSVN, June, 68 to June, 69

1st Platoon, B Company, 3rd Battalion, 2nd Brigade
U.S. Army Basic Combat Training, Ft. Lewis, Washington
July to August, 1971

“Our Drill Sergeant’s name was Rogers. I was one of his squad leaders. One of the first things I recall him saying was, ‘My first name's Drill, my last name's Sergeant. If the Army wanted me to have any other name they would have issued me one.’ Great man, great influence. Got my attention.” — Louis Marucci, Jr. 

Navy Bootcamp Company #346
Recruit Training Command, San Diego
October 1972

“Attached is a photo of my Navy bootcamp company taken October 1972—about halfway through basic. I would eventually end up on aircraft carriers deployed in the South China Sea and beyond.” — Jeff Manthos 

D Company, 5th Battalion, 1st Brigade, 2nd Platoon, D-5-1
U.S. Army Basic Combat Training, Ft. Lewis, Washington
April 1 to May 24, 1968

“When we first assembled, they asked us if anyone had watched Gomer Pyle? Forgetting my dad’s advice to ‘never volunteer,’ I raised my hand and was made platoon leader. I’m 2nd from left on the first row bench. I was drafted on April Fool’s day and arrived in Cam Ranh Bay on August 20, 1968. In less than 5 months I was a lean, mean killing machine.”

Bob Correll SP4
US Army Viet Nam ’68-’69
14th Cbt Engr Bn
LZ Nancy I Corps

3rd Platoon, E Company, 2nd Battalion, 1st Brigade
U.S. Army Basic Combat Training, Ft. Lewis, Washington

“I enlisted in the Army on February 19, 1968. After a late arrival at Ft. Lewis, basic training started early (0430) the next day. Training was under very tumultuous weather conditions and Mt. Rainer only appeared a few times during our two months there. Most of the platoon were from North and South Dakota or Northern California—as was I. We trained well and we all went our separate ways after graduation.” — Eugene Earickson  

3rd Battalion, India Company, Platoon 3081
Marine Corps Recruit Depot, San Diego
September 16 to November 21, 1968

“You could title this photo either ‘We Were Maggots and Turds,’ or ‘We Were Slimy-Eyed Maggots.’ My highlights of boot camp were 1) outrunning everyone in our three-mile runs, and 2) my Senior Drill Instructor, Gunnery Sergeant Ray Fitzhugh and I attended the same high school.” — David T. Nyerges 

U.S. Army Basic Combat Training, Ft. Jackson, South Carolina
November 24, 1967 to January 21, 1968

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A/12/3 Training Brigade
Ft. Knox Basic Combat Training
November 1963

“I enlisted in the Army in Chicago on 9/13/63. At our indoctrination meeting, a sergeant asked the draftees who were married to raise their hand. Almost all married men did, but at least one standing near me didn’t (He susected it was a trick of some sort). The sergeant told those who had raised their hands to come down front. Just that week President Kennedy had decreed that married men would not be drafted. Those lucky few went home. The guy who didn’t raise his hand went to the CO the next morning but was refused a discharge. Apparently, it was a one time offer.”

“Most of us were from Chicago, Indiana, Western Ohio and Eastern Kentucky, from city slickers to Appalachian Mountain boys. We graduated November 22, 1963 and came off the parade ground to find out President Kennedy had been assassinated. We were convinced we were going to war with Russia—no one had heard of Vietnam. I eventually went to Artillery OCS and on to Vietnam in May, 1966 with the 1/30th (155mm) Artillery.” — Joe Fleming

Squadron 370, Flight 61

Squadron 370, Flight 61
Lackland AFB, San Antonio, Texas
November 1964

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