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September/October 2020 -   -  

In this issue:

In 1965 Bill Mauldin, the famed World War II “Willie and Joe” cartoonist, spent a short but eventful stint as a correspondent in Vietnam. Todd DePastino, editor of a new book on Mauldin’s work, describes that episode and how it strongly affected his feelings about the war and those who fought in it.

The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution and the Escalation of the American War in VietnamTHE GULF OF TONKIN RESOLUTION AND THE ESCALATION OF THE AMERICAN WAR IN VIETNAM LBJ’s de facto Declaration of War led to the war’s rapid escalation. Marc Leepson examines that seminal document and its unintended consequences.

Phoenix VA Director Alyshia Smith: The Doctor in the HousePHOENIX VA DIRECTOR ALYSHIA SMITH:
When Alyshia Smith took over the embattled Phoenix VA Medical Center in 2015, she implemented a vision, consistency, and a veteran-centered commitment.

VA Funerals During the Coronavirus: Struggling to Stay Committed and SafeVA FUNERALS DURING THE CORONAVIRUS: STRUGGLING TO STAY COMMITTED AND SAFE Under Secretary for Memorial Affairs Randy Reeves explains how the VA is handling funerals at its 144 national cemeteries during the pandemic.

VVA 1030 Offers Scholarships—and Wheels—in the Name of FreedomVVA 1030 OFFERS SCHOLARSHIPS—AND WHEELS—IN THE NAME OF FREEDOM Greg McNamee reports on Cumming, Georgia, Chapter 1030’s many community service activities, including the chapter’s unique scholarship program.

VVA Reports on the COVID-19 Deaths at Failings of State Veterans HomesVVA REPORTS ON COVID-19 DEATHS AT STATE VETERANS HOMES SAVE, a new VVA subcommittee, has looked into the crisis in State Veterans Homes brought on by COVID-19, and issued a report that includes recommendations.


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Parting ShotParting Shot

From the Editor:

Welcome to The VVA Veteran’s fourth pandemic issue—and its second online-only issue. Like most of our members, I’d rather be sitting in an easy chair reading the contents of this Vol. 40, No 5. But for the time being at least, that is not possible.

The online issue has much to be excited about. Articles can be lengthier and are no longer restricted by the size of the printed page. Plus, we can use more images, and we can even include video, as we did in the last issue.

Most intriguing to me are the many links throughout the issue that take you to original source material, previous articles published in the magazine, or that follow a thread of conversation through successive issues.

Most helpful to me is the ability to easily adjust the type size on the screen.

But perhaps the best news is that The VVA Veteran is now available to everyone free of cost. There’s no subscription involved and no secret passwords. We want to get the word out, and the best way to do that is to make it available to everyone.

What’s more, if you sign up by clicking on the red box on the right, we’ll send you an email when each new issue is uploaded. Feel free to get your friends, spouses, and kids to sign up, too. It’s the best way for them to learn about the Vietnam veteran experience.

— Michael Keating



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