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November/December 2020 -   -  

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SERVING PROUDLY AND WITH DISTINCTION: THE U.S. COAST GUARD IN THE VIETNAM WAR During the Vietnam War some 8,000 Coast Guardsman took part in the fighting from the beginning of the massive troop build-up in 1965 to the end of the war in 1975. Robert E. Leggett gives a detailed overview of Vietnam War Coast Guard ops, including the service’s important role in the war’s first large-scale U.S. Navy interdiction campaign: Operation Market Time.

THE SECRET LAO ARMY AND THE CIA DEFEAT THE NVA ON THE PLAIN OF JARS IN 1969THE MOST AMAZING BATTLE: THE SECRET LAO ARMY AND THE CIA DEFEAT THE NVA ON THE PLAIN OF JARS IN 1969 Controversial Gen. Vang Pao’s anti-communist Lao troops dealt North Vietnam one of its worst setbacks of the Indochina War.

SUPPORTING VIETNAM VETERANS’ CAREGIVERSRECOGNITION AND RELIEF: SUPPORTING VIETNAM VETERANS’ CAREGIVERS On October 1 the VA announced that the scope of its Program of Comprehensive Assistance for Family Caregivers will be expanded to caregivers of Vietnam veterans.

LOOKING TO THE FUTURE: THE RISE AND FALL OF GA-21LOOKING TO THE FUTURE: THE RISE AND FALL OF GA-21 Should VVA continue to be a last-man-standing organization or set up a successor organization to carry on its legacy? Marc Leepson examines VVA’s past in order to understand its future.

CHAPTER 333’S GIFT OF ADAPTIVE SPORTS EQUIPMENT TO VETERANS IN NEEDCHAPTER 333’S GIFT OF ADAPTIVE SPORTS EQUIPMENT TO VETERANS IN NEED Rockland County, New York, Chapter 333 runs a pioneering program that provides handcycles and specially adapted sports equipment to disabled veterans.

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