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Send your Locator and Reunion notices to Locator, The VVA Veteran, 8719 Colesville Road, Suite 100, Silver Spring, MD 20910. Or email veteranlocator@vva.org or mkeating@vva.org

The Locator and Reunion services are provided without charge.

I am a writer looking for veterans or civilians who observed Vietnamization. My novel’s main character enlists in 1971 and witnesses the transition of military operations from U.S. to ARVN units. The story ends during the NVA spring offensive in 1972. If you experienced how the South Vietnamese filled the gaps as American forces withdrew in 1971and 1972, I would welcome your help. Contact: Mike McLaughlin, 617-852-2267; mikemac2728@gmail.com

Looking for a photo of myself taken by some Marines. I was in Delta Co., 4th Marines, March-July 1969. My nickname was Moose. Contact: Tom Morton, P.O. Box 3528, Vista, CA 92085.

Searching for Mary Lou Johnston (married name Quinn) who was a USAF medic at the Westover AFB Regional Hospital in Chicopee, Mass., in 1970. She was in surgical recovery on the second floor. Her hometown was Kissimmee, Fla. Contact: Joe Sipala, JoeSip3327@gmail.com

Responding to a query from Jim Burgess regarding his father’s cousin. Jim’s email did not work. This may not be the right man, but it’s a try. Raymond Arthur Burgess, born Feb. 6, 1948, Southington, Conn. He was a Lance Corporal with H&S Co., 1st Bn., 1st Marines, 1st Mar. Div. His tour began in 1967. He was killed by an explosive device in Thua Thien Province. I hope this helps. Marc Levy, silverspartan@gmail.com

Looking for missing brothers of the Fighting Deuce, 272nd MP Co. who served between 1965-72, running convoy Jeeps and POW camps under MACV and 1FFV and usually attached to the 101st Airborne and 1st Cav. units. Contact: Ron Raccioppi, 828-508-2724, Vietnam272nd@gmail.com or go to www.Vietnam272nd.com

Searching for an old friend whose last name was Reyes, stationed with the 25th Inf. Div. in Cu Chi, 1969. He was from Boston. This is all that I have. Contact: Angel Mendez, boriken48@outlook.com

Looking for anyone who served in Chu Lai, 1970-71,  Americal Div. HQ, under Col. Saddler. Contact: Gary Dobbins, Coastal View News, 4180 Via Real, Suite F, Carpinteria, CA 93013; 805-448-4771; gld@coastalview.com

Searching for the name of the Staff Sgt. in this photo. He was in the Base Police Section of the 81st Air Police Sq. at Royal AF Station Bentwaters, 1962-65. The photo was probably taken in early 1965 shortly after he was promoted to SSgt. Contact: Eddie McAfee, 1323 Frederick Dr., East Ridge, TN 37412; 423-316-5688; eddiemcafee@aol.com

Searching for information about my grandfather’s service in the Vietnam War. Michael Kenney Nylund, from Upper Michigan, was a paratrooper. Contact: Hannah Naundorf, hannahsb.moyer@outlook.com

194th Military Police Company, Pleiku, 1970. Seeking platoon member Bill Eldridge from California to substantiate the spraying of Agent Orange on our base at Tropo Hill during 1970. Also to confirm our patrols outside the perimeter. Contact: Bill Stark, 480-620-1868; stark2261@hotmail.com

Looking for these guys from Co. A, 3/8 Inf., Vietnam, 1966-67: Holland, Tom Nowack, Sgt. Hewitt, Helms, Ruby Botall, Sgt. Mayo, Don Destin, Bob Eagen, and Lt. Layland. I have a photo for you. Contact: Jim Keeling, 1502 W. Front St., Tyler, TX 75702; 903-570-9934.

1st Bn., 3rd Marines: I would like the dirty rotten scoundrel who stole my Vietnam service photos and film from my c-bag during detachment at Marine Air Transient Facility, Danang, to return them. They’re my boots on the ground, not yours. Contact: Cliff Banks, 1441 Moccasin Rd., Coeur d’Alene, ID 83815.

Time is running out to reunite one last time. Looking for members of C Co., 34th Engr. Bn. 1969-70: Ron Garnett, Guy Herman, Charles Craven, John Perry, Blelock, “Frog,” Whittiger (cowboy), Ray Barthalomew, Fred Edwards, Joe Helm, Jerry Walker, Kamai, Steve Hurley, “Tennessee,” Larry Bonner, Joe Defoggio, Philip Kurtz, Capt. Bobby L Vines, Nguyen Thi Lan, Larry Crawford, James “Tommy” Byrd, Ray Moore, Jack Frost, etc. Joe Schaefer, William “Butch” DeFord, Raphael Perez, Bob Markworth, and I have already reunited and would like to see all of you. Contact: Michael “Ramjet” Ramirez, text only 307-631-9743; ramjetnam69@gmail.com

Looking for anyone who served in 4th Admin. Co., 4th Inf. Div., Camp Enari, July-Dec.1969, or Camp Radcliffe, Jan.-Sept.1970. Contact: Don Siemers, d_siemers@yahoo.com

Searching for a photo to add to my collection. I was in Co. A, 3rd Bn., Fort Ord, June-Aug. 1963, but I have no photo of my company. Contact: Robert Cour, outlook_4B5A0334B87F5A35@outlook.com

Looking for Americans who served in the Rhodesian War. I am a former Rhodesian policeman and a friend of folksinger John Edmond. He was asked for help in making that contact by an American friend, and I am helping him. Contact: Rob Bristow, rob@wt-africa.co.za

Searching for original poetry from veterans and active-duty servicemen and women, their spouses, and dependents. I am George Cuddy, a USMC veteran. I am launching a poetry journal. For more information, go to https://tcfffv.org/poetryjournal 

Looking for my brother, William Sanders Stewart, who was a Marine in Vietnam. He has severe PTSD. I have been searching for him for 26 years. My father looked for him all his life. William was born Oct. 5, 1948, and last seen in Baltimore. Contact: Starla Stewart Mills, starlakmills@yahoo.com

Searching for Connie McDonald, a Vietnam veteran. I believe her married name is Burn. She was Executive Secretary for Gen. William Westmoreland. I want to send her a 50-year-old newspaper article that featured her. Contact: Leo Lalonde, leolalonde154@gmail.com

Looking for the identity of the two men in white hats in this photo. Both were assigned to the Base Police Section of the 81st Air Police Sq. at Royal AF Station Bentwaters, 1962-65. The photo was probably taken in 1964. All were selected
as Airman of the Month for 81st Tac Fighter Wing in 1964. Contact: Eddie McAfee, 1323 Frederick Dr., East Ridge, TN 37412; 423-316-5688; eddiemcafee@aol.com

Looking for Sam Bass, E-6, who was aboard the U.S.S. Oriskany (CVA-34). He served as the LPO in the Arresting Gear Div. Contact: Robert Simmonds, orsadoc@gmail.com

Searching for a soldier who served with MACV in Saigon during the Tet Offensive. My mother remembers him as Pvt. Peter H. Stevens. She served as a translator with him. I am a USMC veteran. Contact: Sharon Fox, sharon.fox.ca@hotmail.com




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