The VVA Veteran Online Video Series

The Outlet
“The Outlet,” hosted by The VVA Veteran’s Daniel Devora, focuses on issues especially important to Vietnam War veterans and their families. Questions for future episodes can be submitted by clicking here.
The Outlet, Episode 1,
February 8, 2021:
VVA Treasurer Jack McManus discuss the purpose and function of VVA’s Conventions and the effect of the pandemic on planning the 2021 Convention. [24:00]
The Outlet, Episode 2,
March 8, 2021:
 Veterans Health Council Director Dr. Artie Shelton discusses the many COVID vaccine considerations for veterans. [16:15]

The Outlet, Episode 3,
May 3, 2021:
Vietnam Veterans of America President John Rowan and Rep. Anthony Brown (D-Maryland) discuss VVA’s legislative priorities and other key issues facing veterans at large. [30:00]

“Dispatches,” hosted by The VVA Veteran arts editor Marc Leepson, is a series of one-on-one interviews with a writer, novelist, actor, director, or other artist whose work is influenced by the Vietnam War.
Dispatches, Episode 1,
February 8, 2021:
Marc speaks with veteran actor Troy Evans about his unorthodox route to a career in acting, how Hollywood is really just a small town, and what it’s like working with Jim Carrey, Steve Martin, Michael Connelly, and many others. [33:30]

Dispatches, Episode 2,
April 19, 2021:
Renowned military advisor Dale Dye explains how dogged persistence was the secret to his becoming Hollywood’s go-to man for battlefield realism. [24.05]

Dispatches, Episode 3,
May 10, 2021:
Acclaimed novelist Bobbie Ann Mason talks about taking risks, how she develops her characters, and the unusual experience of being on the set of “In Country,” the Hollywood movie based on her 1985 novel. [21:50]
Dispatches, Episode 4,
June 7, 2021:
Acclaimed author Tim O’Brien discusses his definition of a “memoir,” the role word-of-mouth played in the critical success of his book “The Things They Carried,” and much more. [30:45]
Dispatches, Episode 5,
June 28, 2021:
Writer/editor/professor Wayne Karlin discusses his tours of duty with the Marines during the Vietnam War, his trips back to Vietnam in the years since, and how the unique “sense of place” of his home in Southern Maryland permeates his writing. [26:20]
Dispatches, Episode 6,
July 19, 2021:
Heath Lee discusses the previously untold story of wives of Vietnam War POWs who took on the U.S. government to bring their husbands home. [26:00]

Dispatches, Episode 7,
August 9, 2021:
Bill Ehrhart discusses his action-heavy tour of duty in the Vietnam War and its impact on his life and work, including teaching the war for more than two decades to high school students. [33:00]

Dispatches, Episode 8,
August 30, 2021:
Pulitzer-Prize winning novelist Robert Olen Butler discusses his tour of duty in the Vietnam War with U.S. Army intelligence, how he fell in love with Vietnam and the Vietnamese people, and the impact of that experience on his life and work. [31:41]
Dispatches, Episode 9,
September 20, 2021:
Award-winning poet, journalist, and novelist Nguyễn Phan Quế Mai discusses her stunning 2020 novel, “The Mountains Sing,” a riveting tale of three generations of a Vietnamese family and the wars they lived through from the 1940s to the 1970s. [31:42]

Dispatches, Episode 10,
October 11, 2021:
Actor, writer and musician Tucker Smallwood, talks about his tour of duty commanding a five-man Mobile Advisory Team in Vietnam, his decision to make acting a career, and insider stories about his work on movies and television. [31:56]

Dispatches, Episode 11,
November 1, 2021:
Best-selling novelist James Lee Burke—the creator of the famed fictional Vietnam War veteran Louisiana sheriff’s deputy Dave Robicheaux—discusses Robicheaux’s origin story, his sophisticated literary antecedents, and the Vietnam War’s effects on Robicheaux and his hell-raising sidekick Clete Purcell. [28:48]


Dispatches, Episode 12,
November 22, 2021:
Pulitzer-Prize-winning novelist Viet Nguyen discusses his 2015 novel, “The Sympathizer,” a beautifully-crafted tale that deals with the Vietnam War and its postwar political and social landscape; and the 2021 sequel, “The Committed,” which zeroes in on the fallout of the Vietnam War in France. [30:15]