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November/December 2016

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FAITH ON TRIAL: CHAPLAINS IN THE VIETNAM WAR. At war’s peak more than six hundred chaplains, all volunteers, served in Vietnam; Bill Triplett interviews four of them. They talk about the challenges and unique problems they faced while serving as religious guides in Vietnam, and how service in a war zone tested their own faith. [on the cover]

SEN. LARRY PRESSLER: TRULY INDEPENDENT. One of the first Vietnam veterans to be elected to the Senate, Pressler—who left politics in 1997—is back in the thick of it with a thought-provoking new book decrying the dysfunction of the American political system.

U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Alicia BrandCAN DOGS HELP VETERANS WITH PTSD? Claudia Gary examines the increasing use of assistance dogs, its benefits, and the scientific support. A sidebar, The Horse Is the Therapist, looks at the use of horses in physical and emotional therapy.

VVA: TRUE TO ITS FOUNDING PRINCIPLE. VVA Vice President Marsha Four investigates the meaning of VVA’s Founding Principle, “Never again will one generation of veterans abandon another,” and its relevance to the organization’s future.

“When Did the Vietnam War Start—and End?”
VVA Historian Marc Leepson looks at the various events that could be deemed the war’s start and end dates, and discusses how VVA’s membership criteria evolved. [read]

“Parting Shot”USMC Photo: LCpl. Wolford

POW/MIA Watch Fire
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