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September/October 2015

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CONVENTION 2015: John Rowan Does It Again. VVA’s 17th National Convention in Springfield, Illinois, was rife with dichotomies. It was a celebration of the status quo. It was about quixotic change. It presented a firm vision of the future, while also reminiscing about VVA’s Founding Convention. And when the dust settled and the results were tallied, all four officers were handily re-elected, with John Rowan embarking on an unprecedented sixth term. Editor Michael Keating tells the story in both words and photographs. [on the cover]

“Good News on Hepatitis C Testing & Treatment”

Illustration: Travis KingWHAT VETERANS SHOULD KNOW ABOUT RETIREMENT: Not positive that you’ve taken the steps you should for a comfortable retirement? Financial advisor Scott Berman explains how veterans can best ensure a secure, financially stable retirement.

Photo: ©Paul HuddlestonFOUR DECADES LATER, A SON BRINGS HIS FATHER’S REMAINS HOME: Paul Clever sat, exhausted and hopeless, on an embankment in the Laotian jungle, wondering if he had honored his father’s memory enough to give up. The very next day, his perseverance paid off.

CAMBODIA CORPS, INC.: Helping the Montagnards Survive. At the end of the war, the communist government in Vietnam launched a relocation campaign against the Montagnards, hoping eradicate their culture. Former Mike Force commander Tommy Daniels caught wind of their plight and packed his bags.

Photo: ©Teddy GreenePLANNING A TOWN HALL MEETING: Knowledge is Power. Town hall meetings serve both to publicize the health problems of Vietnam veterans and their offspring caused by exposure to toxic substances, and to push for legislation for research and treatment.

art: Xande AndererTHE PLEDGE: A History of Change and Controversy. Marc Leepson, author of Flag: An American Biography, continues his series on the American flag. This issue he examines the origin of the Pledge of Allegiance and its evolution from schoolroom recitation to political football.

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