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May/June 2015

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ETHNICITY, FAMILY, AND POVERTY IN THE LAND OF ENCHANTMENT: “I wanted to prove that, being a minority, I was as good as everybody.” It’s a vow that continues to inspire and motivate young Hispanic New Mexicans, with military service often fulfilling the desire both to serve and to demonstrate that one can be “as good as everybody.” Richard Currey examines the dynamics of VVA Chapter 1063, a poor, Hispanic chapter in small-town New Mexico, accompanied by photographs by Jane Phillips. [on the cover]

“Ethnicity, Family, and Poverty in the Land of Enchantment”

Photo: Jane PhillipsPhoto: Jane PhillipsPhoto: Jane PhillipsPhoto: Jane PhillipsPhoto: Jane Phillips

art: Marty BeeAGENT BLUE: Arsenic-Laced Rainbow:
The good news: Agent Blue, unlike the other “Rainbow Agents used in Vietnam,” contained no dioxin. The bad news: it instead contained arsenic, the favored poison of the Middle Ages, Agatha Christie and the Borgias. Loana Hoylman examines the health risks of Agent Blue exposure, particularly its connection to bladder cancer.

art: Paula Goodman KozBURN, BABY, BURN? The Flag Code and Flag Desecration Laws: In his first in a series of articles on the American flag. Marc Leepson, author of Flag: An American Biography, discusses the history and the myths surrounding flag protection laws and the First Amendment.

Photos: Michael KeatingThe Highest Award:
The VVA Commendation Medal
2015 Memorial Day Prayer2015 Memorial Day Prayer: VVA’s National Chaplain’s benediction
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