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July/August 2014

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GULF OF TONKIN: Ambiguous Push to War Historian John Prados describes new information he’s gleaned from recently declassified Tonkin Gulf transcripts. [on the cover]

GULF OF TONKIN: Ambiguous Push to War

THE AFTERMATH: Vietnam Veteran Poets Confront The Peace Several years ago author and Vietnam veteran David Willson wrote for The VVA Veteran a review of war poetry by Vietnam veterans. The poems were powerful; his examination, insightful. We asked him to write again about Vietnam vet poets, but his time to examine their adjustment to the peace—and to the war-generated demons that afflict them.

Cable Hoover/Gallup IndependentED RYAN AND JOE ETSITTY: Darkness to the Blue World VVA’s Ed Ryan lost only one man while a squad leader with Charlie Company, 2/60 Infantry, 9th Infantry Division in Vietnam. He recently made a pilgrimage he'd been wanting to make for 45 years: to New Mexico’s Navajo Reservation to visit the gravesite of that man, Joe Etsitty.

photo: ARROWHEAD FILMSMISSION ACCOMPLISHED: VVA and the Texas Capitol Vietnam Veterans Monument The recent dedication of the Texas Vietnam Veterans Monument in Austin highlighted the fact that the organizers were also VVA members. Mary Bruzzese profiles these men and explains how they succeeded in turning their vision into stone and bronze.

A preview to VVA’s National Leadership & Education Conference, including a walking guide to Wichita and profiles of the celebrities scheduled to appear. [PDF]

Chapter 32 Honors the Forgotten.Love a Parade: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Chapter 542 Asheville, North Carolina, Chapter 124A Monumental Tribute
in downtown Amherst, Ohio
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