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2016 VVA Leadership & Education Conference, September/October 2016

Web Rosters — Coming Soon


The Tucson Leadership Conference was used as a forum to introduce electronic web rosters, to unveil the site, and show how the rosters will be accessed. Electronic membership rosters will be available quickly, and will save time and the resources of the national staff. State council, chapter, and regional rosters will become available online by the start of 2017.

The monthly membership roster is a list of members in each chapter or state council and includes the membership ID, name, address, and phone number. The rosters are currently sent monthly by regular mail or email to a designated chapter or state council contact person. The current process takes three days to complete. Regional Directors also are able to receive rosters; however, to do so they must get written approval from their state councils.

There are several benefits to having online rosters:

  • They can be accessed anytime
  • State councils and chapters can view live data as it’s being entered into the database
  • The rosters can be exported in a format convenient for the user

Authorized contacts will be provided with a user name, password, and link to a secured site where they can view rosters. They will only have access to the rosters they are permitted to view. However, they will not be able to make any changes to member records. All address changes, death notices, and other changes relating to state councils, chapters, and members still will need to be sent to or mailed to the national office at: VVA, Attn: Membership, 8719 Colesville Rd., Suite 100, Silver Spring, MD 20910. Access to rosters can be changed at the request of a state council or chapter president.

Volunteers have expressed interest in testing the web rosters to provide feedback before the site launches. All volunteers are authorized to view the rosters but only those files they are authorized to view. Their feedback will be helpful in ensuring that the site is easily accessible and that there are no problems with receiving or exporting data.

If you have questions or concerns about the web rosters, please contact Tracie Houston at or at 301-585-4000, ext. 165.

—Frankie Pressley and Tracie Houston.

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