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Send your Locator and Reunion notices to Locator, The VVA Veteran, 8719 Colesville Road, Suite 100, Silver Spring, MD 20910. Or email veteranlocator@vva.org or mkeating@vva.org

The Locator and Reunion services are provided without charge.

Looking for anyone who was with USAID between 1968-75 who may have known my father, Leo McIntyre. Our family lived in Saigon when I was in third grade. We were evacuated on a Pan Am flight in late April 1975, the last flight from Tan Son Nhut. My parents have passed, and I still have questions about what my father’s job was in Vietnam. Contact: James MacIntyre, macjames9091@gmail.com

Searching for the owner of a bracelet with the name M/SGT. JAKE MERCER engraved on it. I would like to return it to him or his family. Contact: Peter Terbovic, iam42b71@gmail.com

Looking for information about James P. Zappalorti, a Vietnam War veteran who served on the U.S.S. Henrico in 1963-65. He also did a short stint on the U.S.S. Noble from Jan. to April 1964. The filmmaker Paul Moakley is developing a documentary about Zappalorti’s life. In 1990, he was the victim of a highly publicized hate crime. Even the slightest remembrances or connections to him would be helpful. Contact: Melissa Wong, 646-241-6493; or Paul Moakley, paulmokleyproductions@gmail.com

Searching for information on Capt. John Fer. My wife wore his POW/MIA bracelet for years and would like to return it to him or his family. His name is not on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, so he may have returned to civilian life. Contact: Richard Henningsen, 907-242-0180; oldcar56@lookout.com

Looking for those who served in the 1st Bn., 8th Arty., 25th Inf. in Vietnam. We have a Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ groups/140894513651025 Contact: Kent Bjornstad, Bjorn_vet@yahoo.com

Searching for anyone who served with or knew my cousin, Gordon Lippman, who served in Vietnam from Aug.-Dec. 1965. He was killed during a firefight when he was exiting the HQ building. The Brigade HQ Compound was named in his honor: Camp Gordon J. Lippman. He was the XO of 3rd Brigade, 1st Inf. Div. in Lai Khe. His children were young when he died, and would like to know more about him. Contact: Robert Lofthouse, 610-392-7084; rob@holdtheline.press

Looking for grunts from 1st Plt.-C-1-7-1, USMC, Dec. 1968-69: Bunton, Ball, Couch, Grimes, Vowell, Wright, Schick, Morekin, and others. Looking to touch base before the Big Stack Arms in the sky finds us. Contact: Sqd. Leader “Mouse,” autism11@verizon.net

Looking for the Marines in this photo. It was the FDC of Kilo 4/12 at the Rockpile, 1968-69. We’re hoping to organize a reunion. Contact: Karl Fischer412@yahoo.com

Searching for Charles Clarkson of Chicago, who served aboard the U.S.S. Randolph (CVS-15) in 1964, and the U.S.S. Independence (CVS-62) in 1965. Contact: Ralph Smith, 1326 Royalton Rd., Toledo, Ohio 43612; 419-478-5176, or Dennis Cole, 170 E. 3rd St., #7J, New York, NY 10009; 212-260-3773.

Looking for members of Marine Air Support Sq. (MASS-3) who served at Chu Lai or Quang Ngai from 1966-67. I would like copies of photos of the camp areas and of personnel. Contact: Tom Skarbek, skarbekthomas@snet.net

Searching for anyone or any organization that would like World War II black-and-white photos of men and women in formation taken when they were at school or training camp: officers and men at Fort Benning; 902nd Eng. HQ Co., AF; Capt. George Steward, C.E. and Mitchell Field, N.Y., Aug. 12, 1942; Gail A. Gaines, C.E., Co. 5, Rgt. 22, 3rd WAC, Training Center, Fort Oglethorpe, Dec. 12, 1944, Contact: Tom Skarbek, skarbekthomas@snet.net

Looking for Vietnam War MPs who served on a V100 crew, specifically any information on your areas of operation, any artwork or photos of V100s in-country. Trying to help a good man in Georgia who is restoring an old V. Contact: Don Tillman, malcolm1948.dt@gmail.com

I am the daughter of Harold E. Singrey, who served two tours in Vietnam, Dec. 1968-69, as the commander of A Btry., 2nd Bn., 27th FA and 155mm Field Arty. Btry. His second tour was as an advisor to a South Vietnamese Field Arty. Bn. His service is scheduled for April 13 in Arlington National Cemetery. All are welcome to attend or to share stories. Contact: Pamela Baxter, pbcountry1@aol.com

Searching for members of the 5th Maint. Bn. 552, Lt. Mt. Co. in Pleiku. I was there from 1967-68. I hauled 175 and 8-inch gun tubes in and out of artillery bases. Contact: Ron Leininger, 937-726-5756; rleininger@woh.rr.com

Looking for those who served with the 359th ASD in Phuoc Vinh or Camp Evans, 1968-69. Contact: Michael Ridenour, 330-495-6111, 330-477-9130 (fax); Skype: mikeridenour

During my 1966-67 tour we came under attack with rockets, motors, and artillery. During those attacks, I was hit by shrapnel and my commanding officer, Capt. Henry B. Norton, told me he had put me in for two Purple Hearts. I asked him to squash them as my mother would get very upset. He did. My mother is long gone and it would be nice to be able to get them back. I’m told if Capt. Norton could be located and if he remembered, I might be able to get them back. I was with the 4th Inf. Div., 8th Inf. HQ, Motor Pool. The attack took place in June or July 1967, at Ple Djerang.  Contact: Michael A. Solomon, afm2074@gmail.com

Looking for anyone who knew my husband, Stephen Paul Mihalic, USAF SAC SOG TDY, Da Nang, 1967-69. He has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s, and we need to establish boots on the ground. The National Archives is unable to locate or declassify his records. Contact: Karen Mihalic, khattonmihalic@gmail.com

Searching for missing brothers of the Fighting Deuce, 272nd MP Co., 1965-72, a small MP company that ran convoy gun Jeeps and POW camps throughout Vietnam under MACV and 1FFV Patch, usually attached to the 101st Airborne and 1st Cav. units. Contact: Ron Raccioppi, 828-508-2724; Vietnam272nd@gmail.com

Allen Park, Mich., has formed a committee to install a flagpole memorial honoring Dennis Durand. The Director of Parks and Recreation, Pat Hawkins, is spearheading the project. The flagpoles have been installed, and flags will be raised at the dedication. Additional site work is being planned, and fundraising has begun. I would like for those who may have known or served with Dennis Durand to contact us. Contact: Richard Gadigian, 313-891-7430; rmgadigian@yahoo.com

I am the author of Pawns of Pleiku. While serving on a five man MAT Team in Pleiku Province in 1970-71, I met a blonde nurse at the 71st Evac. swimming pool in Pleiku. We made plans for travel, but I got hurt, and she was sent to the coast. She is in my book, though names were changed. The problem is, I cannot remember her real name. I am married and have no negative intentions but would love to contact her. Contact: Monty Vogel, 037mat@gmail.com

Searching for Jerry Crowder. I think he was from South Carolina. In 1970-71, he served with the 173rd Abn. Our CO was Cpt. Michael Ranger. Crowder was sent home in 1971 due to malaria. We served in 4th Bn., D Co. Our platoon Jat was Frank Speight. Contact: Doug Caraway, 828-409-3656; hlouge@bellsouth.net

Looking for Dennis Pack and Ray Rowan (Utah and Minn.) who served in the 9th Admin. Co., 9th Inf. Div. at Camp Bear Cat, 1967. Contact: Charlie Thompson, 301 E. Bates St., #A6, La Plata, MO 63549; 660-332-7888.

Searching for anyone who served at the Trung Lap/Trung Hoa Ranger Training Center during 1961-62, located near Cu Chi. Contact: Lin Beasley, 434-941-9888; lbeasley6@comcast.net

In the early ’70s I found a Zippo lighter in Atlanta. It went into a dresser drawer years ago but was recently recovered. On the front of the cap “JOLLY” is engraved. Beneath that, on the body of the lighter, is “502 INF.” Below that is a shield with an eagle head and “AIRBORNE” across the top. On the reverse cap: “AN KHE VIETNAM 65-66.” Below that on the body: “CAMRANHBAY VIETNAM 65-66 66-67.” I would love to return this lighter to its owner. Contact: Randy Kurty, randykurty@gmail.com

Looking for veterans from the 212th MP Sentry Dog Co. who were with me in Dalat during the Tet Offensive. I remember Cito Brooks from Georgia and Sgt. Dave Eriksen. My room was hit with a rocket-propelled grenade. Sgt. Eriksen was hit, and glass hit my legs. I served with the 981st MP Sentry Dog Co. Contact: Dave Keeton, P.O. Box 414, Athens, MI 49011-0414.

Looking for combat medics attached to HHC, 4/31st, 196 Inf. Brigade, Americal Div.: Jerry Wining Asoserieus, Doc Pruett, Ramon Carter, Lt. Tyson, Larry Maconi, Daryl Hassebrok, Max Emberton, Bob Yost, Jack Sellers, Max Emberton, Leslie Griffith, Dennis Mack, Ben Crines, and Gerald Markuson. Contact: Jimmy “Doc” Dischert, 314-756-1359.

Searching for Charles (Chuck) Haller. Last time I saw him was with the 327th Signal Co. in Long Binh, 1969-70. Contact: Stephen Raylor, goalie.dad66@gmail.com

Looking for Marines who were at Khe Sanh or Con Thien. I was with the 2nd Bn., 1st Marines, 1st Marine Div. Contact: Bill Abril, 508-384-2552.

Looking for David Hoff who served in-country in Nov. 1967, Co. A, 2/12, 25th Inf., Cu Chi to Dau Tieng. He lived in Vacaville, Calif., but may have moved to Los Angeles. Contact: John Marrs, 209-532-2052; j.marrs@att.net

I live in Belper, Derbyshire, England. My friend, Barbara Hill, has no computer access and is trying to find a veteran she met on holiday in Japan in 1970: John R. Gove, EN 2 (U.S. Army) NSAD Qui Nhon Maint. His home at the time was in White Bear, Minnesota. Contact: Paul Beardmore, pabdmore@gmail.com




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