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Send your Locator and Reunion notices to Locator, The VVA Veteran, 8719 Colesville Road, Suite 100, Silver Spring, MD 20910. Or email veteranlocator@vva.org or mkeating@vva.org

The Locator and Reunion services are provided without charge.

Searching for missing brothers of the Fighting Deuce, 272nd MP Co., 1965-72, a small MP company that ran convoy gun Jeeps and POW camps throughout Vietnam under MACV and 1FFV Patch, usually attached to the 101st Airborne and 1st Cav. units. Contact: Ron Raccioppi, 828-508-2724; Vietnam272nd@gmail.com

I am the author of Pawns of Pleiku. While serving on a five man MAT Team in Pleiku Province in 1970-71, I met a blonde nurse at the 71st Evac. swimming pool in Pleiku. We made plans for travel, but I got hurt, and she was sent to the coast. She is in my book, though names were changed. The problem is, I cannot remember her real name. I am married and have no negative intentions but would love to contact her. Contact: Monty Vogel, 037mat@gmail.com

Searching for Jerry Crowder. I think he was from South Carolina. In 1970-71, he served with the 173rd Abn. Our CO was Cpt. Michael Ranger. Crowder was sent home in 1971 due to malaria. We served in 4th Bn., D Co. Our platoon Jat was Frank Speight. Contact: Doug Caraway, 828-409-3656; hlouge@bellsouth.net

Looking for Dennis Pack and Ray Rowan (Utah and Minn.) who served in the 9th Admin. Co., 9th Inf. Div. at Camp Bear Cat, 1967. Contact: Charlie Thompson, 301 E. Bates St., #A6, La Plata, MO 63549; 660-332-7888.

Searching for anyone who served at the Trung Lap/Trung Hoa Ranger Training Center during 1961-62, located near Cu Chi. Contact: Lin Beasley, 434-941-9888; lbeasley6@comcast.net

Looking for veterans from the 212th MP Sentry Dog Co. who were with me in Dalat during the Tet Offensive. I remember Cito Brooks from Georgia and Sgt. Dave Eriksen. My room was hit with a rocket-propelled grenade. Sgt. Eriksen was hit, and glass hit my legs. I served with the 981st MP Sentry Dog Co. Contact: Dave Keeton, P.O. Box 414, Athens, MI 49011-0414.

Looking for combat medics attached to HHC, 4/31st, 196 Inf. Brigade, Americal Div.: Jerry Wining Asoserieus, Doc Pruett, Ramon Carter, Lt. Tyson, Larry Maconi, Daryl Hassebrok, Max Emberton, Bob Yost, Jack Sellers, Max Emberton, Leslie Griffith, Dennis Mack, Ben Crines, and Gerald Markuson. Contact: Jimmy “Doc” Dischert, 314-756-1359.

Searching for Charles (Chuck) Haller. Last time I saw him was with the 327th Signal Co. in Long Binh, 1969-70. Contact: Stephen Raylor, goalie.dad66@gmail.com

Looking for Marines who were at Khe Sanh or Con Thien. I was with the 2nd Bn., 1st Marines, 1st Marine Div. Contact: Bill Abril, 508-384-2552.

Looking for David Hoff who served in-country in Nov. 1967, Co. A, 2/12, 25th Inf., Cu Chi to Dau Tieng. He lived in Vacaville, Calif., but may have moved to Los Angeles. Contact: John Marrs, 209-532-2052; j.marrs@att.net

I live in Belper, Derbyshire, England. My friend, Barbara Hill, has no computer access and is trying to find a veteran she met on holiday in Japan in 1970: John R. Gove, EN 2 (U.S. Army) NSAD Qui Nhon Maint.. His home at the time was in White Bear, Minnesota. Contact: Paul Beardmore, pabdmore@gmail.com

Searching for anyone who served with the 2/12th Cav. Bravo Co., 4th Plt., at An Khe Camp Radcliff, 1965-66. I need information for a PTSD claim. Contact: Freddie Slaughter, 10214 E. Watford Way, Sun Lakes, AZ 85248; freddie.slaughter@sbcglobal.net

Looking for Mary Lou Johnston, married name Quinn, USAF E4 Corpsman, 1970-71, who served at Westover AFB Regional Hospital, Chicopee, Mass., 2nd floor surgical recovery. She lived in Kissimmee, Fla., after discharge. Contact: Joe Sipala, joesip3327@gmail.com

Searching for Joseph Welch from Niagara Falls, N.Y., USN, U.S.S. Sierra, AD-18, 1974-75, Charleston, S.C., and the U.S.S. Holland, AS-32, 1975-77, Holylock, Scotland. Contact: Ulysses Tombin, Jr., tomblin06@gmail.com

Photos lost and would love to have copies of group and individual photos (Basic Training), Sept, 1967-Oct. 1967, Lackland, Tex., (Tech School), Shepherd, Tex., 1967-68, Cam Ranh AB (188st Comm. Sq.), 1968-69, 2139 Comm. Sq. Shape, Casteau, Belgium & Bitburg AB, Bitburg, Germany. Contact: Bradford Reed, bsr3841@gmail.com

Looking for these guys who manned the control tower in the Ban Me Thuot compound. Contact: Bob Fisher, fish1900@comcast.net

Searching for a video or DVD about the Army’s 458th Trans. Co./18th MP Bde. The video begins with the song “Ride the River,” the six locations of operations, and ends with the deactivation, Sept. 1971. I was with the 458th Trans. Co., 127th M.P. Co. PBRs in Qui Nhon. Any help will be appreciated. Contact: Arthur Liscano, 559-323-6684; tklusa1@gmail.com

Looking for veterans who served in the 96th Civ. Eng. Sqd., Dyess AFB, Texas, 1966: Charles Jones, maybe from North Carolina; Theodore Kennedy, also N.C.; Thomas Warwick, Sleepy Hollow, N.Y., and J.J. Johnson, 12th Civil Eng. Sqd., Can Ranh Bay AB, 1966-67. Contact: Don Cicconi, gopa2ps@verizon.net

Searching for a Vietnam veteran I exchanged letters with in 1967. His family might like to have the letters. I don’t know his last name, but his first name is Paul. He’s from West Virginia and was an MP sentry dog handler in the Army. I think the letters read, B Btry., 6 Bn., 71st Arty. Contact: Delores Labhart, lllabhart@netzero.net

Looking for Mike Lee, Bill Seng, Bob Morris, Sid Wilson or any other USAHAC misfits from 1970. Let’s reconnect before we can’t anymore. Contact: Brian Nicol, nicolbrian@cox.net

Searching for any members of my boot camp class 385 PISC, 1964. I would like to know why we had a mixture of uniforms in the platoon photo. Contact: Jim Johnson, jmiljohn@verizon.net

Looking for anyone who was assigned to the Naval Support Activity at the LCU ramp in Hue from 1967 through the Tet Offensive. I was the NCOIC of the Army detachment at the ramp from Feb. 1967 to August 1967. Especially looking for the Marine who provided security whose first name was Russell (nickname Floosie) and the USN seaman named Rick who handled commo. We were all from the Bronx, NY. Also anyone at the ramp the first day of the Tet Offensive, Jan. 31, 1968. I know that Marine SSgt. Gordon Hoover was KIA. My replacement, Paul Goyette, was severely wounded. Also, I’ve been told that the OIC, a Lt. in the Army detachment, was also KIA. Contact: Joel Packman, jbpackman@hotmail.com

Searching for Robert Krsto Pejovic, a relative who was in the Army during the Vietnam War. He was from Montana and married to Merry Allen.They had three children. Robert died in 1973 in Vietnam. We believe his family lives in Red Lodge, Montana. Contact: Boban Pejovic, Friedrichshafenerstrasse 74a, 88131 Lindau, Germany; lapiovra@freenet.de

Looking for anyone who knew my father, William Andrew Smith (Smitty). He was at Nakhon Phanom, the Royal Thai airbase, serving on the flight line in 1971-72. He spoke of being shot at and providing cover while working as an AGE. My father passed away of lung cancer in September 2020. My mother has been denied benefits as they try to establish that he died from Agent Orange exposure. The VFW rep has informed us that we have to prove he was on the security perimeter, and it would be best to have a written statement from him about that. Well, he is gone. I would like to connect with Vietnam veterans who may have known my father. Contact: Tara Smith, tsmith@chhcare.com

Looking for Capt. Joseph Hynes who served on MACV Advisory Team 75 at Dong Tam in the 1970s. Attached is a Christmas card that Hynes and others sent to me in 1970. Contact: Larry E. Davis, 320-493-3428; ldavis@csbsju.edu

My husband passed away May 2, 2021. I’m trying to reconstruct what happened to him. He was EN3 Kenneth Halpen, Task Force 116, U.S.S. Hunterdon County, 838, I believe, working with a four-man crew on PBRs. I believe his boat was hit on Dec. 24, 1967, with two killed and two rescued (one may have been Ken). He was medevaced to a hospital ship and then sent to Philadelphia. Contact: scottyrose49@gmail.com

Searching for airmen stationed at Skulthorpe RAF base in England between 1973-74. Contact: Stephen Sciuto, 503-223-9469; stephensciuto2012@gmail.com

Looking for those who served with B Co., 20th Eng. Bn., Pleiku, 1967-68: Lon Hinkle, Mike Strictland, Charles Williams, James Jones, Russell Steinmetz, Jose Martinez, Harry Frazier, Mike Uptergrove, Nick Montoya, Fred Ferguson, John Whitlow, Robert Moore, and Mr. Davis, Garland, Steely, Dodge, and Gardner. Contact: John Sawyer, 699-E, 1200-S, Kouts, IN 46347, 219-246-4470; jsindyore@gmail.com 

Searching for any members of D and E Co., 1st Bn., 7th Cav., 1 Cav. Div., 1968-69. We are planning a reunion for 2022. Contact: Karl Swenson, 877-435-7948, ext. 4780; text, 801-923-4780; karl.swenson@wgu.edu 

Looking for members of Charlie Btry., 2nd and 17th Field Arty. I am scheduling a reunion for July 2022. Before too much time passes I would like to have as many members as possible attend the reunion. Contact: Jeffery Wilcox, 616-581-9659; wilcoxjsw1@att.ne

Searching for Harry Bogart, whom I met in the early ’90s. He was stationed in Germany, probably Munich. He taught me how to play softball. Contact: Christophe Putseys, christophe.putseys@pandore.be 

Looking for N.S.A. Danny and other Seabees, 1966-68: Pete Hambrick, Bob Brown, and Doc Weber. Contact: George Belanger, 218-724-2470.

Looking for anyone who attended Field Medical Service School in 1967 at Camp Pendleton. I would like to find a class photo that could be copied. The class number was 6710. We graduated in Dec. 1967. Contact: Roger Riddell, rriddell9356@wowway.com




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