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Send your Locator and Reunion notices to Locator, The VVA Veteran, 8719 Colesville Road, Suite 100, Silver Spring, MD 20910. Or email veteranlocator@vva.org or mkeating@vva.org

The Locator and Reunion services are provided without charge.

Looking for anyone who knew my father, William Andrew Smith (Smitty). He was at Nakhon Phanom, the Royal Thai airbase, serving on the flight line in 1971-72. He spoke of being shot at and providing cover while working as an AGE. My father passed away of lung cancer in September 2020. My mother has been denied benefits as they try to establish that he died from Agent Orange exposure. The VFW rep has informed us that we have to prove he was on the security perimeter, and it would be best to have a written statement from him about that. Well, he is gone. I would like to connect with Vietnam veterans who may have known my father. Contact: Tara Smith, tsmith@chhcare.com

My husband passed away May 2, 2021. I’m trying to reconstruct what happened to him. He was EN3 Kenneth Halpen, Task Force 116, U.S.S. Hunterdon County, 838, I believe, working with a four-man crew on PBRs. I believe his boat was hit on Dec. 24, 1967, with two killed and two rescued (one may have been Ken). He was medevaced to a hospital ship and then sent to Philadelphia. Contact: scottyrose49@gmail.com

Searching for airmen stationed at Skulthorpe RAF base in England between 1973-74. Contact: Stephen Sciuto, 503-223-9469; stephensciuto2012@gmail.com

Looking for those who served with B Co., 20th Eng. Bn., Pleiku, 1967-68: Lon Hinkle, Mike Strictland, Charles Williams, James Jones, Russell Steinmetz, Jose Martinez, Harry Frazier, Mike Uptergrove, Nick Montoya, Fred Ferguson, John Whitlow, Robert Moore, and Mr. Davis, Garland, Steely, Dodge, and Gardner. Contact: John Sawyer, 699-E, 1200-S, Kouts, IN 46347, 219-246-4470; jsindyore@gmail.com 

Searching for any members of D and E Co., 1st Bn., 7th Cav., 1 Cav. Div., 1968-69. We are planning a reunion for 2022. Contact: Karl Swenson, 877-435-7948, ext. 4780; text, 801-923-4780; karl.swenson@wgu.edu 

Looking for members of Charlie Btry., 2nd and 17th Field Arty. I am scheduling a reunion for July 2022. Before too much time passes I would like to have as many members as possible attend the reunion. Contact: Jeffery Wilcox, 616-581-9659; wilcoxjsw1@att.net

Searching for Harry Bogart, whom I met in the early ’90s. He was stationed in Germany, probably Munich. He taught me how to play softball. Contact: Christophe Putseys, christophe.putseys@pandore.be 

Looking for a video or DVD/CD about the Army’s 458th Trans. Co. PBR Co./18th M.P. Bde. The video begins with the song, “Ride the River,” includes the six locations of operations, and ends with the deactivation in Sept. 1971. I was with the 458th Trans. Co., 127th MP Co. PBRs in Qui Nhon. Contact: Arthur Liscano, tklusa@gmail.com 

Looking for N.S.A. Danny and other Seabees, 1966-68: Pete Hambrick, Bob Brown, and Doc Weber. Contact: George Belanger, 218-724-2470.

Searching for Dennis Pack and Ray Rowan (Utah and Minnesota) who served in the 9th Admin. Co., 9th Inf. Div. at Camp Bearcat, 1967. Contact: Charlie Thompson, 301 Bates St., #A6, La Plata, MO 63549.

Looking for anyone who served at the Trung Lap/Trung Hoa Vietnamese Ranger Training Center, 1961-62, near Cui Chi. Contact: Lin Beasley, 434-941-9888; lbeasley6@comcast.net

Searching for veterans who were in the Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol with E Co., 9th Div., 75th Inf. who may have died in Vietnam or served there and lived in Nebraska. We are always searching for those who belong to this brotherhood and their families to acknowledge their service and to be included in our reunions. Contact: Susan Naughton, snaughton57@yahoo.com

Looking for anyone who attended Field Medical Service School in 1967 at Camp Pendleton. I would like to find a class photo that could be copied. The class number was 6710. We graduated in Dec. 1967. Contact: Roger Riddell, rriddell9356@wowway.com

Searching for Bobbie Keith who reported weather on TV in Vietnam in the 1960s. I would like her to speak at an Army reunion in 2022. Contact: Arthur Halmstad, 920-738-5326.

Searching for anyone who served with me in Charlie 1-12. 9th Mar., We landed in Vietnam with the first units in March 1965. Contact: David M. “Doc” Peik, 130 Terri La., Mankato MN 56001; 507-387-6475.

I found a Zippo lighter in the mountains of Addy, Washington. It’s inscribed to Luis Rodriguez, a Vietnam veteran, 1968/1969. I would love to get it back to him or his family. Contact: Lydia Hale, 760-881-2053; ladywings37@yahoo.com

I would like to hear from veterans from New York City. I served in the Marines all of 1968. Contact: H. Payne #036113, E.C.I., 1599 S.W. 187th Ave., Miami, FL 33194-2801.

I’m trying to find information about my biological father, Charlie Harrison, who served in Vietnam around 1972-77. He was good friends with my adopted dad, Leonard R Salter. Charlie died in a motorcycle accident off base in Seoul. They both served in C Co., 1st Bn., 67th Arty., 2nd Armor Div.. Contact: Danny Salter, dannysalter25@yahoo.com

I’m trying to name and contact the men in this photo who served with A1/46 in 1971. I was the Company Forward Observer. The E-6 smoking is Miles, and the young guy up front was the artillery RTO and he was from New Hampshire. After many years of back-shelving my feelings about Vietnam, reaching out has become important. Contact: Jim Wideman, jimwideman1111@gmail.com

My husband, Carl Birkel, who served in Vietnam in 1967-68, has talked for 45 years about MSgt. Capers. Carl has two Purple Hearts and became a sergeant. Please help us locate Mr. Capers. Any information will be appreciated. My husband had great respect for him and credits his leadership with bringing so many men home. Contact: Bonita (Leedy) Birkel, 864-313-7090; BLeedy2@gmail.com

Looking for John Russel Campbell, stationed at Offutt AFB till being sent to Vietnam, 1967. I served with him stateside, as well as in Binh Thuy, 1966-69. He was born in 1946 and was from Sacramento. Contact: Jim Barker, jim.barker15@hotmail.com

Searching for Duke Conner who was at Pleiku, 1965-66. I was in charge of the tropo site within Corps Compound as the OIC. Duke was also a Signal Corps officer. We were good friends. Contact: David Glazener, texasbigfoot431@gmail.com

Looking for USMC members of my San Diego Plt. 3333 from the autumn of 1966. Contact: Mike Melroy, 479-244-6960; maaagoose@gmail.com

Looking for fellow members of Charlie Btry., 2nd and 17th Fld. Arty. I am working on a reunion for next year. I would like to have as many Charlie Btry. members as possible. Contact: Jeffrey Wilcox, 616-581-9659; wilcoxjsw1@att.net

Searching for friends in the 1st Aviation Brigade, 3/17th Air Cav., 1970-71: Mike Patrick, 1st Lt. in the Rangers and Larry Fitzgerald, maybe a Spec.4, from Venice, Louisiana, who used to work oil rigs. Contact: Joe Burgess, 304-433-9133.

Looking for Fidel Rodriguez. He served in Co. E, 1/12th Inf., 4th Div. and is from Puerto Rico. Contact: John Sweet, 101 Timber Heights Dr., Port Ludlow, WA 98365; sweetjohn069@gmail.com

Searching for anyone who left Fort Carson in July 1968 or who served with me in Vietnam, 5/4 Arty., 5th Inf. Div. Contact: Stan Shaffer, 313-506-6795; shafferandrea10@gmail.com

Looking for a man from Alpha Co., 1/5th, 1st Cav., 1970, who lived in Cleveland. He signed the company sheet at the Cav. Hospitality Suite at Fire Base Cleveland, 1988. He said that he had been ambushed twice in one day. Another man was wounded in one of the ambushes. Contact: James Meecham, 3067 Ervin Rd., NW, Dover, OH 44622; 330-343-5651.

Searching for Douglas George and James Bauer who served in the 18th M.P. Bde., 1972. Douglas was from Pittsburgh, and James was from Germantown, Tenn. Contact: Gary M. Fredenburg, 840 McKinley Pkwy., Buffalo, NY 14220; 716-783-7511.

Looking for veterans from the 212th M.P. Co. Senjay and 98155 M.P. Co., Senjay Dog, who were with me in Talat in the south during the Tet Offensive, 1968, especially C.B. Brooks from Georgia and Sgt. Dave Eriksen. My room was hit with a rocket-propelled grenade. Sgt. Eriksen was hit, and glass hit my leg. Contact: David Keeton, P.O. Box 414, Athens, MI 49011-1414.

Searching for any new members of the 553rd Engineers while in Vietnam or stateside. Also anyone from the 511th Engineers. Contact: Clyde Phillips, 530-622-6999; genephi213@gmail.com

Searching for combat medics attached to HHC, 4/31st 196 Inf. Brigade, Americal Div.: Max Emberton, Bob Yost, Leslie Griffith, Dennis Mack, Jerry Wining, Ramon Carter, Ben Grimes, and Gerald Markuson. Contact: Jimmy Descher, 314-756-1359.

Searching for Gunners Mate (Guns) Petty Officer 3rd Class Williams who attended Navy GMG Class A School at Great Lakes during the summer of 1967, Class 2718N. Later, we met again at Cam Ranh Bay. He was on Swift Boats. I was on LSMR-525. Contact: Duke Carrington, 619-730-5610; slainte1861@att.net

Looking for J. Leeper. I have recently acquired a knife and shirt belonging to a man who served in Vietnam. I’d like to find out more about him. I know he was in the Army, 1st Cav. because of the patch on the shirt’s right arm and an 18th MP Bde. patch on the left arm. The name on the knife and shirt is “J. Leeper.” Contact: Jason Brown, jasonberrybrown1967@gmail.com

Searching for information about Joseph Hoak, probably from Pennsylvania, trained as a heavy equipment operator, Vietnam, 1971. Returning home, he went to Ft. Riley. He passed away a few years ago. He had “DAR” tattooed on his upper arm. His eldest daughter seeks any information about his time in the Vietnam War. Contact: C. Daniels, cdaniels67042@yahoo.com

Searching for anyone in B-1-12, 1966, Hill 41 south of Danang when John Wayne made a stop at our position. My own photos have been lost. Contact: Roger Conley, 96 Hartl Dr., Vernon, CT 06066; r-conley@sbcglobal

Looking for Capt. Jack E. Danel, CE, who was adjutant for the 169th EBC, Aug. 1971. Contact: Len Ignatowsi, 703-255-0353; grunt69@gmail.com 

 Looking for James Fox from Redwood City, Calif. We were at Ft. Lewis, Tuy Hoa, and Phu Hiep, 1967-69. Contact: William Frey, 707-321-0262.

 Searching for former members of the 3rd Bn., 508 Inf. Abn. who served at Ft. Kobbe, Canal Zone, Panama, 1966-68, for a possible reunion. Contact: James Proctor, 808-845-3200; csvcsa@twc.com 

 Looking for anyone who served in the 4th Admin. Co., 4th Inf. Div., Camp Enari, July-Dec. 1969 and Camp Radcliff, Jan.-Sept. 1970. Contact: Don Siemers, d_siemers@yahoo.com





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