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Vice President’s Report, September/October 2021 -   -  

The Future Beyond COVID

I want to thank all of our Board Members, Regional Directors, State Council Presidents, Chapter Presidents, and members for sticking with us as the majority of the staffers at the National Office have been working remotely during the pandemic. The VVA Officers have been working to bring all staff back in stages of hybrid return.  

I know that most of you are getting bombarded with information on COVID that sometimes seems confusing and inconsistent. I understand, but I also believe it is important for us to keep current as best we can with the latest information. This is in our own best interest in order to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and our communities. The Delta variant is going hog wild. It is more easily transmitted than other COVID variants, and cases are growing rapidly throughout the country.

The decision to reopen our office is more complicated than just announcing that we’re going to do so. We must consider the public health, economic, and social effects, as well as individual situations and other factors. 

Many companies are now considering, or have already implemented, mandatory proof of vaccination or daily testing in order for employees to maintain their work status. Some jurisdictions are reinstituting mask requirements. Montgomery County, Maryland, which is home to VVA, reinstated indoor masking August 7. The county has been put in a substantial transmission category. A county public health officer issued a statement saying that wearing face coverings reduces the chance of spreading the virus.

In conjunction with Dr. Artie Shelton, I recently issued a memo strongly encouraging all VVA staff to get the COVID-19 vaccine if there are no contraindications. I encourage this for all. Recent medical studies have shown that unvaccinated people account for the vast number of new infections, hospitalizations, and deaths, and that the Delta variant spreads more easily and faster from person to person than other variants do.

I recommended that we continue to practice social distancing in the office and wear masks in common areas. We have added hand sanitizers and Lysol for the staff’s safety. We will continue to issue updates.


I am pleased to announce, with Board approval, that on August 1 we engaged One Digital HR Consulting as VVA’s consulting firm for Human Resources. They will help us with HR functions and update our HR methods such as policy information and document reviews. They will perform an HR assessment of our current operation, including employment recruiting, on-boarding documents, and improving compliance and benefits information.

We are excited to have this organization as one of our partners. As One Digital becomes familiar with our procedures and policies, we would like to have their personnel on site to help our administration department with personnel matters.


We continue our outstanding relationship with this firm and are off to a great start. CB Absolute Advantage Program provides VVA members and their families with the opportunity to purchase cars or trucks in a simple, easy fashion. This method precludes the hassles you go through when buying a vehicle. You do not have to sit in a dealership negotiating a deal. They provide us with a personalized way to purchase cars at discounted prices.

CB Auto has agreements with many dealerships around the country. With each purchase of a vehicle, VVA receives $100. Representatives of CB Absolute Advantage Program will be on hand at the National Convention in November. The dedicated line for VVA members is 470-567-6382. If you go online, search “CB Absolute Advantage.” This will take you to CB’s site, where you’ll go to the “Vietnam Veterans of America Concierge Car Buying Program with Free Protective Benefits” page.

This is where you start. I thank those who have already taken advantage of this program. Feedback that we have received indicates that this car-buying program is excellent.




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