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Send your Locator and Reunion notices to Locator, The VVA Veteran, 8719 Colesville Road, Suite 100, Silver Spring, MD 20910. Or email veteranlocator@vva.org or ddevora@vva.org

The Locator and Reunion services are provided without charge.

I am looking for Nichols from Beatrice, Nebraska. I believe his first name is Dave. He was in the 2/47 Infantry 9th Division in Vietnam in 1967. Contact: Dottie Barickman, 712-314-1808; drbarickman@hotmail.com

Looking for anyone who served with the 4th Americal Division, /21st-11th Infantry Brigade, E Company between 1969-70. We were the eyes and ears for the battalion. Most of us were wounded by booby traps. Contact: Mike Miller, SID# 6065801, 2605 State Street, Salem, OR, 97310.

Searching for Maj. Richard Travis, Orthopedic Surgeon, and nurses WO Karen Jensen and Cpt. Clark from Madigan General Hospital from Oct. ‘68 to March ‘69. Contact: Robert Crawford, 970-744-0526; Lrrp1@comcast.net

Looking for Ken Monday from Tucson. We served together in Vietnam from Sept. 1968 to May 1969 with the 199th Light Infantry Brigade. Contact: Don Rack, 513-821-1150; DonLRack@hotmail.com

I was stationed with 406th Medical Lab Camp in Zama, Japan from October 1968 to February 1970 in the blood bank and the library. Would love to hear from anyone who was stationed there. Contact: Arthur Levine, mrcandee@aol.com

Looking for anyone from C Co. 1st Recon Bn., 1st Marine Div. who was with me on Bana, Aug 11-20, 1969. I was primary radioman in 2nd squad. Cpl. “Pops” Riley was our team leader, and I was called “Twiggy.” I can’t get those days out of my thoughts and would appreciate any pics and memories of those who shared that adventure. Contact: Jerry Murray, oldwolf1349@yahoo.com

I am trying to locate some friends, Charles Jones, Ted Kennedy, and Tom Warwick. We served together with the 96th Civil Engineering Squadron, Dyess AFB in 1966. Contact: Donald Cicconi, sangchyer@gmail.com

Looking for Sam Shipman, William Breez, and Peter Sande. All were stationed at Tan Son Nhut AB in the 377th Security Police Squadron in 1970-71. Contact: Richard Trapp, dtrapp49@rushmore.com

Looking for any 4th Marines who were in the Battle on Mutter Ridge on August 29, 1966. I was copilot on that mission, and I want to write up the pilot for a medal. Contact: Bill Collier, 218-610-0873; capt_wilco@yahoo.com

Searching for anyone I served with in the 155th Transportation Co. in 1965-66. Contact: Joseph Sokola, a67gtc@yahoo.com

Looking for anyone who served with me at the Class Yard in the Long Binh ammo dump with the 60th Ordnance Company (Ammo) from December 1969-70. Contact: Rich Schaffer, rpschaf1317@gmail.com

I would like to contact Nancy Notbusch and Judy Schwitzer who worked in the operating room with me at Ireland Army Hospital at Fort Knox in 1967-68. Gerald Bradford and I were on loan from the 42nd Field Hospital. Contact: Dexter Bumgarner, truebluepop@att.net

I'm looking for any member of a Special forces RDF team who was in SF CIDG camp A-341 Bu Dop in November 1967 where I was the XO. We did a fire for effect based on a hot signal and took out a unit. Contact: David J. Pristash, 216-272-4583; David.pristash@gmail.com

My dad is looking for anyone he served with B Battery, 2nd Bn., 35th Arty. in Vietnam, June 1966 to June 1967. Contact: Jeremy, jeremyjacobsjj@aol.com

Searching for Michael Good from Long Beach, Calif., and William Blowers from L.A. We were stationed at Beale AFB from 1970-74. Worked in supply in the 456/9th Squadron. Contact: Carl Morin, Carlm1970@att.net

Looking for Petty Officer Joseph Welch from Niagara Falls, N.Y. Contact: Ulysses Tomblin Jr., 904-755-5051; hov.mvnast@gmail.com

Searching for anyone who served with or knew Vernon Seger of 2/12 infantry, Alpha Co. He was KIA on Oct. 24, 1969, in Hobo Woods. Contact: Dave Schumann, dad.schumann@gmail.com

Looking for John Watko from Pennsylvania. He served in the 330th Transportation Co. in 1965 at Vung Tau. Contact: Ralph Sharp, sharpbarron3@yahoo.com

Searching for a cook named Billy, who served with me in the 709th Maintenance battalion, 9th Infantry at Dong Tam base in South Vietnam from 1968-70. He was a great guy. Contact: Ken Gore, 330-719-5380; 4ennyboys@gmail.com

Looking for Joseph O’Leary from Wilmington, Delaware, who served in the 604th Transportation Co. in Nha Trang, then later with H troop, 17th Cavalry, First Aviation Brigade in Pleiku, in 1972-73. We served together in these units. Contact: Andy Karabinos, 479-461-6090; askandynow@gmail.com

Searching for anyone who knew Michael Conrad Roell, who served in C Co., 3rd Bn., 8th Inf., 4th Div., 1967. He died on the day he was a replacement. He single-handedly took out a machine-gun position during Operation Francis Marion during the Battle of Plei Doc. Contact: Edward J. Roell, 112 Broadway, Hillsdale, NJ 07642; ejfroe@gmail.com




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