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The VVA Veteran is a publication of Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc.® An organization chartered by the U.S. Congress

Publisher: John Rowan
Editor: Michael Keating
Senior Writer & Books Editor: Marc Leepson
Art Director: Xande Anderer
Advertising Coordinator: Candis Chaney
Associate Editor: Jake Schuessler
Staff Photographer: Michael Keating
Contributing Writers:
Xande Anderer
Richard Currey
Claudia Gary
Bob Hopkins
Loana Hoylman
John Mort
John Prados
Dave Tarrant
William Triplett
David Willson

President: John Rowan
Vice President: Marsha Four
Secretary: Bill Meeks, Jr.
Treasurer: Wayne Reynolds
Board of Directors:
Dennis J. Andras
Dottie Barickman
Tom Burke
Richard DeLong
Mike Demske
Charlie Hobbs
Joe Kristek
Sara McVicker
John J. Miner
Ron Morgan
Pete Peterson
Dave Simmons
Dick Southern
Dan Stenvold
Kerwin Stone
Craig Tonjes
Ted Wilkinson
Sandie Wilson
Jerry Yamamoto
Charlie Montgomery, CSCP
Sharon Hobbs, AVVA

The VVA Veteran® (ISSN 1069-0220) is published bimonthly with issues in January/February, March/April, May/June, July/August, September/October, November/December by:

Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc.®
8719 Colesville Road, Suite 100
Silver Spring, MD 20910
FAX: 301-585-5245

Advertising Sales
Fox Associates, Inc.
312-644-3888 FAX 312-644-8718

Subscriptions and Renewals payable in advance $20.00 per year. Single copies at $4.00 each. Bulk rates on request. Canadian and Foreign Postage $8.00 per year additional to subscription price. Make checks payable to:

The VVA Veteran® Subscriptions
P.O. Box 64306
Baltimore, MD 21264-4306

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