The VVA Veteran® Online
March/April 2012

In this issue:

OUTGUNNED: The ARVN Under Westmoreland. While serving as commander of U.S. forces in Vietnam Gen. William Westmoreland concentrated sstrictly on U.S. forces’ ability to wage war. In the process, he neglected two other critically important responsibilities—improvement of South Vietnam’s armed forces and pacification. Lewis Sorley, author of Westmoreland: The General Who Lost Vietnam explains how. Read more… [on the cover]

GREAT STRIDESWINTERHAVEN: Helping The Homeless. Nearly 1,000 homeless veterans are living in the Washington, D.C., area alone. While the annual Winterhaven Stand Down plays an essential role in providing for their needs, it also demonstrates how meeting the physical and mental health needs of veterans is a continuing struggle. Read more…

GREAT STRIDESWAR, CONTINUED… Vietnam Veterans in the Rhodesian Bush War. If soldiering was your business, business was good in the 1970s. And nowhere was business better than in post-colonial Africa. Xande Anderer reveals how classified ads in Soldier of Fortune lured battle-hardened Vietnam veterans fresh from Indochina to help fight a civil war in Southern Africa. Read more…

GREAT STRIDESIN THE NAME OF THE FATHER: Faith-Based Outreach to Vietnam Veterans. Two faith-based organizations are profiled: The Ridge House, which serves the needs of released and paroled inmates, and Vets With A Mission, which provides humanitarian aid to the people of Vietnam.

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