On the Cover: During the Closing Ceremonies of VVA’s National Convention in New Orleans, and prior to the first meeting of the new Board of Directors, National Chaplain Fr. Phil Salois swore in the 2017-2019 Officers and Board Members (from left top row): Dan Stenvold, John Rowan, Marsha Four, Bill Meeks, Spence Davis, Skip Hochreich, Dave Simmons, Francisco F. Ivarra, and Tom Burke; (second row): Ted Wilkinson, Sandie Wilson, Wayne Reynolds, Gumersindo Gomez, and Sara McVicker; (front row): John Margowski, Dottie Barickman, Richard DeLong, Allen Manuel, Dick Southern, Kerwin Stone, Pete Peterson, Charles R. Montgomery, Jr., and Bob Grabinski. Photo by Michael Keating.