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May/June 2017

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Q: Does my service officer receive hard copies of all the mail VA sends me?

A: Unfortunately, even though VA says it mails a copy to your service officer, your service officer often does not receive mail in a timely manner—if at all. It is crucial that you contact your local service officer as soon as you receive any correspondence from VA, especially if you have questions. Your service officer can help you understand the document and respond to an inquiry, if appropriate.

Q: How do I get a copy of my rating decision?

A: VA mails all decisions to the veteran’s address of record shortly after the decision is made. If you think a decision has been made and you have not received the decision, call your VA Regional Office or your local service officer to get a status check. To get a copy of historical rating decisions, you must make a written, signed request to your nearest VA Regional Office. This request should specifically identify the documents you need.

Q: How do I obtain a copy of my VA medical records?

A: The easiest way for veterans to view their VA medical records is by creating an account with MyHealthEVet. To do this, visit the MyHealthEVet coordinator at your local VA Medical Center. In addition to viewing medical records, this program will allow you to send secure messages to your doctor and to re-order prescription medications without calling the VA pharmacy.

If you are unable to gain access to MyHealthEVet, you may contact the records office at the VA Medical Centers that treat your conditions. Your VA medical records are maintained at the facilities where you were provided medical care. You will need to contact each facility to personally request a copy of any medical records maintained there. Requests must be in writing and should indicate what records you are requesting, why you are requesting them, and to whom they are to be released. The addresses for all VA facilities can be found here.

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