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May/June 2013

Resolutions Committee


DICK SOUTHERN, ©Michael KeatingValid proposed resolutions to be considered at the 2013 National Convention were received by March 25. Each was reviewed by the committee and assigned an official resolution number. Resolutions that passed the committee’s review were sent to the appropriate VVA committees. Any resolution not reported out by the Resolutions Committee may be brought to the Convention floor for debate and action upon the motion of any delegate and the concurrence of a majority of the delegates.

A final package of resolutions with the Resolution Committee’s recommended action for each proposed, amended, or retired resolution will be forwarded to all state councils and chapters by May 10 for consideration at the 16th National Convention in Jacksonville. Committee hearings will be held to allow the committees, task forces, and delegates to review all resolutions before they are presented on the Convention floor.Ω

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