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Looking for veterans who served with me in the 101st Airborne, 326th Engrs., Cos. A and B. Do the 326th Engrs. have a reunion? I have some photos of a couple guys I was with, but I can’t remember their names. Contact: Gene A. McGee, 716-531-3004; 

Looking for Ron “Bob” Samans (or Simons), who served at the Tan Son Nhut AB, December 1969-70. Also looking for anyone who worked for RMK-BRJ Co. in Phan Rang, 1967. Contact: Brian Hjort, 

Looking for anyone who served aboard the Fred T. Berry (DD-858), Vietnam, Round the World Cruise, 1965-66, and is suffering from heart attacks, strokes, or other health problems. Contact: Alvin E. Thomas, 300 N. 8th St., Cornell, WI 54732; 715-239-6818.

Looking for Ron Rusher (above), who served with the Air Force around 1964-65. He may have also served with the Florida Highway Patrol around the same time. Contact: Nathan Gallatin, 954-642-6546; 

Trying to find records and information on Donald N. Johnson, who died recently. I believe he was born in Ohio, but lived in New Mexico most of his life. He served in the Army and was wounded in Vietnam. He has a brother, Ronald Johnson, who also served in the Army. Contact: Robert James Burkholder, 834 E. Cleveland Ave., Fruita, CO 81521-3008; 970-858-3453; 

My co-worker came across the medals and dog tags of Jerry W. Knight, who served in 1970-71, and would like to return them to him or his family. Contact: Michael Rose, 586-685-1300; 

Looking for personnel who worked or flew on “Spooky,” 1965-69. Contact: Junior Skinner, or Michael Acosta, 

Trying to locate all members of 514 OM Co. (P.S.), Qui Nhon, 1966-72, for a possible reunion. This includes all attached units. Contact: David J. Hoss, Sr., 501-556-4098; 

Looking for HM3 James Shepherd (unsure of spelling), who was at Charlie-Med., 3rd Mar. Div. Field Hospital, Da Nang, 1966. He was originally from Hot Springs, Ark. Contact: Jim Moore, 870-247-1214; 

Looking for anyone who was part of the 3rd Munitions Maintenance Sqdrn., Guam, 1970-71, who went to Utapao in 1971 on TDY. I was a jammer driver on SSG Les Brown’s load team. Contact: Roger Fickeisen, 6870 Stanleyville Rd., Whipple, OH 45788; 330-284-0439; 

Need information for a memoir. Searching for Marines who I served with in 2/1, October 1966-67, or 1/1, October 1967-68, throughout various locations in I Corps. I was the Battalion Supply Chief. Contact: Robert Gambol, P.O. Box 88, Lakewood, NM 88254; 610-304-6649; 

Seeking information on Spec. 4 Elroy Wilson, who served with the 765th Security Plt., Vung Tau Army Airfield. Records indicate that he died in an air crash on April 12, 1969. I am working with his family to get more information on the circumstances of his death. Contact: Alan K. Abraham, 608-274-3516; 

Seeking anyone who served with Co E., 1st Bn., 27th Inf., 25th Inf. and knew Sgt. Robert Schultz, who was KIA on February 12, 1968, near Hoc Mon. Contact: Dave Schultz, 

Looking for anyone who attended Highlands High School, North Highlands, and is a Vietnam veteran. Contact: Rita Woods Jensen, 2542 W. Mobile Ln., Phoenix, AZ 85041; or find me on Facebook.

Looking for the family of Alvin, who received a serious head injury when he was struck by a helicopter blade in the Central Highlands, 1967. He was airlifted to Qui Nhon. Also looking for F.H. Pringle, 512th Trans. Co., Central Highlands, 1967. I have your WIA med-tag from convoy ambush and would like to return it to you. Contact: M.D. Burns, P.O. Box 187, Clifton, TX 76634.

Searching for my Basic Training unit photograph. I had Basic at Ft. Campbell with Co. E, 2nd Bde., 7th Bn., graduation in April 1968. I was the 1st squad leader, and the platoon leader was George Heatherly. Our DIs were SSG Brown and SSG Cahoon, and the training officer was 2nd Lt. Mason. I am looking for the group photo. Contact: Mike Berzinsky, 1712 Crystal Spring Rd., Two Rivers, WI 54241; 920-794-8142;

Need to contact anyone who served with Recon Team: “Early Flower” OPO 2477-69, March 1969, 3rd Recon Bn., 3rd Mar. Div., I Corps, Vietnam. Contact: John Brent Simpson, 615-714-7588; 

Seeking Frank Goho, formerly of Tamaqua, Pa. We were in the New York City VA hospital on 1st Ave. and 23rd St. together in 1971. Contact: Steve Printz DJ0312, 1 Kelley Dr., Coal Township, PA 17866-1021.

Trying to contact any member of B Co., 1/30 Inf., 3rd Inf. Div. who served in Schweinfurt, Germany (approximately 20k outside Würzburg), 1977-80. Contact: Rodney Lockett #917795, E-1219, Zephyrhills Correctional Institution, 2739 Gall Blvd., Zephyrhills, FL 33541.

Searching for Robert Shell (from Tenn.), who served with me in 191st Ord. Bn., H&H Co., Cam Ranh Bay, 1967-68. Also searching for a Marine, Luther Saunders, from my home town, Lynchburg, Va. The last time I saw him was in Pleiku. Contact: Norvell J. Saunders, 6505 Hawthorne St., Hyattsville, MD 20785;

Looking for Lt. William Prior, with whom I served in Co. A, 1/8th Inf., 4th Inf. Div., Dragon Mountain (near Pleiku), 1966-67. Contact: John Bohr, 605-996-7416; 

Would like to hear from Peterson, 227th Aviation Regt., 1st Cav. Div., Vietnam. He  is an author now. I was one of his pilots. Contact: Clifton Jenkins, 843-761-5019.

Looking for Jerry Bacon, who was a Golden Gloves boxer in the Navy. His mother’s name was Mable Bacon, and he has two sisters named Cheryl and Judy who lived in Des Moines. He played lead guitar in a band called The Superiors, and they called him Johnny Hawk. His last-known address was in Maryland. Contact: Jody Richard Bacon #83178, Lovelock Correctional Center, 1200 Prison Rd., 1-A-66-A, Lovelock, NV 89419.

Trying to locate someone in D Co., 3rd Bn., 21st Inf., Americal Div. Contact: Nathan Carl Parsley, 

Searching for John Edward Lambert, who is sixty-six years old and lives in Ohio. I would like to learn what years he served and what branch he was in. I have some information that he could have been a POW. Contact: Lukas Telfer, 

On November 27, 1968, troopers of the 11th ACR under Col. Patton killed fifty-eight NVA in the Michelin Rubber Plantation. Were you there? What happened? Contact: Tom Sommerhauser, 3921 Nottingham Estates Dr., St. Louis, MO 63129; 314-892-9054; 

Looking for anyone I served with in RLT-7, Motor Transport Maintenance Co., Chu Lai, 1965-66. Also searching for SSG John L. Fowls, a fellow Marine at Camp Pendleton who left in December 1966 or January 1967. Contact: Jerry D. Lee, 325-450-2106; 

I was a squad leader, D-5th/7th, 1st Air Cav., Phouc Vinh and NW of Tay Ninh, 1970. I was medevaced on 1st ammo resupply outside of Tay Ninh after a falling tree injured several people. Looking for the platoon leader, the platoon sergeant, or anyone who remembers this incident and can verify combat. Contact: Don Crizer, 51 Lakeview Dr., Valparaiso, IN 46383; 219-762-9699;

Looking for anyone who served with 3rd Plt., Co. C, 504th MP Bn., Camp Evans; Co. C, Quang Tri; Special Operations at Bn. Hq. (Hooker’s Heroes), Phu Bai; or anyone who was a guard on the prisoner run from LBJ to Leavenworth in 1969. Contact: Frank L. Smith, 

Looking for “Mac,” who was at Camp Holloway, located on Highway 19 in Pleiku, in 1971-72. He knew Mai Huynh, who worked there in housekeeping. Contact: Tuyen Nhan Huynh #0640285, P.O Box 310, Polkton, NC 28135.

Seeking Cpl. George Green, Sgt. Joe Heaney, Sgt. Fred Thorn, Sgt. J.J. Young, or any Marines who served with H.Q. Btry., 11th Marines, Communications Section—Repair Techs, Radio Operators, Radio Relay, and Message Center. Would especially like to hear from those who were on Hill 1467 during Operation Oklahoma Hills. Contact: Doug “Junior” Helmers, 2103 W. Glenmoor Ln., Janesville, WI 53545; 608-754-7731; 

Looking for any information about the night of April 21, 1971, when someone threw a grenade in the old PX at FB Mace. There were about fifty men from the 1st Cav. Div. sleeping on the floor getting ready to be called out in the morning. Three Co. D men were medevaced to Long Binh Hospital: John Repetz (from N.J.) lost his arm and leg, Trevino had frag wounds to the head, and I suffered a concussion and superficial frag wounds. Contact: Mark Petrowski,

Trying to find Bill Nichols, a Vietnam veteran originally from Savannah, Ga. He was best friends with my dad, Al Lowey (from Kankakee, Ill.), when they were in boot camp in Kentucky. Nichols went to Vietnam. My dad has been diagnosed with cancer, and I would love to surprise him by reuniting them. Contact: Tanja Fritschle,

There are four Medal of Honor recipients from the city of Holland, Michigan. The Holland Museum and Holland Area Veterans Council are working on a special exhibit to honor these men: Lt. Col. Matt Urban (Army, WWII), Cpl. John Essenbagger, Jr. (Army, Korea), Sgt. Gordon Yntema (Army, Vietnam), and Sgt. Paul Ronald Lambers (Army, Vietnam). If you knew any of these men, please share stories, photos, letters, or anything else you might have for this display. Contact: Taylor Wise-Harthorn, Museum Manager, 616-796-2080.

Seeking anyone who served with my late father, George Watson Pickard, Jr., in MCB6, Vietnam. He did three tours in Vietnam. His first tour was in 1966. He was in the I Corps area at one point. Looking for his cruise book or any photos or information. Contact: Shirley Martinez, 7 Chapman Ave., Auburn, NY 13021-4701.

The Engineers set up a bridge on end and built a bunker on top, 80 feet in the air. It was called the Tower and was the highest bunker in Vietnam. It was between the 199th and Engineers. Many sat in it 24 hours a day. We stayed up all night so everyone else could rest. No night vision—we phoned in support of all kinds if probed. Would like to hear from anyone who remembers the Tower, especially those who were there in 1968-69. Contact: Don Mehrer, 68 Lincoln St., Babylon, NY 11702.

Looking for William J. Henderson, a radio dispatcher who served in Saigon until 1969. Contact: Robert Ellis, 616-634-1349; 

Seeking Dave Renoha, an old family friend who was stationed at El Toro, Calif., before he was sent to Vietnam in 1966-67. Contact: Linda Laughlin, 573-544-5034; 

Looking for information on Upton Thomas and Joseph G. Benner, formerly of Pershing Rifles Sqdrn. A-15 at the University of Maryland. They went on to serve with the Air Force in Vietnam. Contact: Laurence Zimmerman, 301-529-0533; 

Would like to reconnect with CW2 Knight, Sgt. Lammi, Sgt. Anischenko, Sgt. McElroy, West, Daniels, Gruenwaidt, Maidens, Russell, Hegna, Doane, Lopez, Mitchell, Woodley, McCue, Richards, or anyone else who served with the 5th Inf. Mech., 5th Bn., 4th Arty. Service Btry., 1969-70. Contact: Patrick Kelly, 951-940-5990;

Would like to hear from anyone who served with 3rd Sqdrn., 5th Cav., 9th Inf. Div. (Black Knights), June-November 1971. Contact: Gordon Ritchie #236306, Martin C.I., 1150 S.W. Allapattan Rd., Indiantown, FL 34956.

Looking for anyone who served with me in Vietnam, 1966-67. Contact: Clifford Canfield, 52 County Route 26, West Monroe, NY 13167; 315-668-6372; 

Looking for Robert “Headhunter” Slater (from Chicago), who served with the 240th Assault Helicopter Co. as a crew chief and door gunner with the Mad Dog Gunship Plt. He was later transferred to the 173rd Assault Helicopter Co. at Lai Khe and flew with the Crossbows. Contact: Joe “Ragman” Tarnovsky, 72 Woods Ct., Elizabethtown, KY 42701-9526; 270-763-6867;

Seeking Maj. Stephen S. Demos, Cpt. James H. Elmore, Jr., or anyone else from 71st Evac. Hospital, Pleiku, 1970; anyone who was assigned with 189th AHC or 179th AHC, Camp Holloway, Pleiku, 1970-71; anyone with B Co., 1st Bn., 67th Armor, 2nd Armor Div., Ft. Hood, 1971-73; anyone with 227th Av. Bn., 1st Cav. Div., Ft. Hood, 1972-73; LTC John P. Heilman, Ft. Hood, September 1973; John or Randy Ellis or anyone else from 2/421st Medevac, Germany, 1974-75; and anyone with Co. A, 2nd Bn., 68th Armor, Baumholder, Germany, 1976-77. Contact: Michael Ewing #1294324, Michael Unit 11-PHD-05, 2664 FM 2054, Tennessee Colony, TX 75886.

Seeking information about James Delbert Bailey, who was a chief petty officer in the Navy for twenty-nine years. He was born on July 16, 1925, and died on March 27, 1985. I have found his burial site in Lauderdale County, Ala., with the details, “GMTC, USN, WWII, Korea, Vietnam.” Contact: Joyce Waite, 

Seeking Jerry Sullivan, Gary O’Keefe, Robert Watson, Otis Woods, Gary Huntington, Jerry Knapp, Joe Zerelli, Page, George Garcia, Bill Urlaub, Richard Armstead, and any other members of 765th Security Plt. or 765th Bn., Vung Tau Army Airfield, 1965-66. Contact: Alan K. Abraham, 608-274-3516; 

Trying to find Dale Johnson (last-known address in Boise) or James Willie Walker, Jr. (Memphis), who served with the 173rd Airborne in Vietnam, 1966-68. Johnson’s wife’s name was Donna. Contact: Ed Wright, 467 Fox Rd., Marston, NC 28363; 910-582-4143; 

Looking for Joe Martinez (from Calif.), who served with me in FLSG Truck Co., Da Nang, 1966. We also served together in Okinawa, 1965. Contact: Joe Falzone, 972-442-6466; 

Looking for anyone who worked in Graves Registration for the Army in

Vietnam. Contact: J.C. Handy, 

Looking for any pilot or crewmember from NKP, 609th Air Commando Sqdrn. (A-26 Unit-NIMROD) who knew my brother, LTC Francis L. McMullen. Need a buddy statement attesting to his flights to Vietnam. Contact: Thomas G. McMullen, P.O. Box 316, Irwin, IA 51446; 712-782-4540.

Seeking anyone who knew or served with my husband, John William Palma, in Vietnam, April 1968-January 1969. He served in the Air Force as an electrical power production specialist with the 5th Tactical Control Sqdrn. and the 608th Tactical Control Sqdrn. Need proof of boots on the ground for a VA claim. Contact: Jan Palma, 363 Maple Dr., Poland, OH 44514.

Trying to locate John H. Burnett, who served with 2/28 Inf., 1st Inf. Div., Vietnam, 1969-70. Contact: Quincy L. Francis, 6304 Saint John Rd., Elizabethtown, KY 42701; 270-862-9591.

Looking for J.M. Larsen, a CM3 who served on Seabee Team 0907 in 1965. We deployed to Phan Rang in fall 1965, and in spring 1966 we relocated to Nui Sap in the Mekong Delta. Contact: Jim Lucey, 702-277-5000; 

Looking for Rodney D. Dixon (from E-Town, Ky.), who served with me in the 2/22nd “Triple Deuce,” Mechanized Inf. Our base camp was at Cu Chi and we did operations in the Hobo Woods and Bolo Woods. We were a part of the 25th Inf. Div., August 1969-February 1970, when I was transferred out. Contact: Jim Michel, 

Looking for Steve Emery, Ron Parmenter, Ben Tackett, or anyone else from the commo section from HHC 520th Trans. Bn., November 1967-68. Contact: Bruce Carbone, 863-258-3042; 

I have two USMC dog tags that were recovered in the Khe Sanh area. The names on the tags are: Olmstead A.W. and March A.F. Give me your Marine Corps serial numbers, and I’ll send you the tags. I also have a St. Christopher medal recovered near Con Thien. The back of the medal is inscribed: Love,  ________ 1968. If you give me the name inscribed, I’ll send it to you. Contact: Ron Huegel, 352-430-2879; 

Seeking anyone who remembers the assault on one of the bases near Chu Lai on the night of October 15-16, 1965. I was on a Navy ship in the harbor. Contact: Michael W. Stasiak, 105 Hines Dr., Bonneau, SC 29431; 843-825-3842; 

Looking for Lt. John David Williams, who lived in Graham, Texas, and graduated from Graham High School in 1963. My husband and I ran into him in Corpus Christi after his discharge. He had been wounded, and he came to our house for a visit. We’ve been trying to locate him for the GHS 50th class reunion next year. Contact: Suzy Stewart Brazeel, 

Looking for classmates who graduated from USMC The Basic School, Class 6-68 on May 1, 1968. Contact: Tony Joseph, 775-813-9901; 

Looking for anyone who can substantiate a rocket and mortar attack on LZ Jamie during the early morning hours of January 21, 1970. LZ Jamie was north of Tay Ninh and was occupied by an ARVN Airborne unit during this attack.

Contact: Steve Cook, 306-636-7240; 

Trying to find my family member, Edward Bailey, an Air Force veteran who served with the military police. He was born in June 1966, and his last-known location was Ft. Dix, N.J. His mother’s name is Barbara Dianne Bailey and he has a son named Sean Patrick Bailey. Contact: Hans C. Andersen 925481, C1116S, Zephyrhills C.I., 2739 Gall Blvd., Zephyrhills, FL 33541-9701.

Looking for photos of Christmas trees taken by Vietnam veterans while in country. My goal is to publish a book of these photos. A portion of any proceeds made from this project will be given to veterans’ assistance programs. If you have a photo of yourself in Vietnam or any other Christmas-related photos, feel free to send them as well. If you have a short story to accompany your photo, you may submit it also. Please don’t send originals, as I can’t return them, and make sure the copies are good quality. Include your contact information (especially your phone number), unit, location, and date of photo. Contact: Doug S. Berg, 4037 Dolbil Dr., St. Louis, MO 63125; 314-638-4295.

Would like to hear from Tony Reyes, whom I met while stationed in Yokosuka, Japan, 1993-95. Contact: Samuel H. Watts 168199, Lake Correctional Institution, 19225 U.S. Hwy. 27, Clermont, FL 34715-9025; 256-864-4180.

Looking for Dave Wallace, Swift Boats, Cat Lo, 1968, and Anthony Arnold, NSA Hosp., Da Nang. My novel is published, and I want to send you a copy. Contact: Jack McPherson, P.O. Box 235, Coupeville, WA 98239-0235; 360-929-1776; 

Want to find the young G.I. whom I crushed between two trucks while backing up in the motor pool in Bien Hoa in 1967-68. Contact: John Glazier, P.O. Box 231, Merrill, MI 48637-0231; 989-842-5413.Ω

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